CAMMUS Kids Karting Simulator CKS Pro

CAMMUS new product kids karting simulator CKS Pro: Only real enough, just fun enough! The kids Karting Simulator CKS Pro combines C5 and Pro Kids Karting perfectly. It allows you to feel the unique charm of karting even though you are outside the track.

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Development Path:

CAMMUS was established in 2008, and has been insisting on interpreting the outstanding charm of racing culture for more than ten years. We started to design and produce electric go karts in 2016, and entered the field of karting simulator in 2021.And follow the footsteps of the market and keep upgrading and progressing to make the karting simulator more and more refined. So far, CAMMUS karting simulator  has produced many different versions, among which CKS Pro is our main model. CKS Pro is very popular with children in China and has been well received in Japan and Malaysia. The kids karting simulator CKS Pro is the central product of this presentation.

CKS Pro detailed description:

CAMMUS CKS Pro=CAMMUS C5 Direct Drive Wheelbase+ CAMMUS Pro Kid’s Go-kart Frame Next is an introduction to the benefits of the CKS Pro components.

C5 Direct Drive Wheelbase:

  • CKS Pro with 5Nm servo direct drive base brings you racing level real force feedback. The game experience has no sense of latency and is explosive.
  • The steering wheel made of hand-stitched microfiber leather has a comfortable and smooth grip.
  • The steering wheel angle can be adjusted to suit the driving habits of different players.
  • The steering wheel is small in size, with a width of only 278mm, making it easy for children to control.
  • C5 is equipped with a high-performance CPU processor inside, which can clearly perceive various road details in the game.
  • The C5 steering wheel panel can clearly see the speed of the car and the speed of the steering wheel.
  • The steering wheel is equipped with up to 20 sets of programmable buttons to meet the individual racing needs of the experience.
  • A low-noise fan is set behind the steering wheel, which can effectively dissipate heat during the game.
  • APP mobile control parameters, convenient and efficient.

Realistic karting body

  • Karting simulator CKS Pro with a real Pro karting frame, and with a realistic throttle and realistic brake pedal. In the appearance and use of the sense to achieve a one-to-one reproduction.
  • The kartingsimulator CKS Pro uses the same hydraulic disc brake system as real electric go karts, and the brakes feel real and smooth.
  • The seat can be adjusted according to the human body sitting position, so that you can drive in the karting simulator CKS Pro in full comfort.
  • The pedals of the go-kart simulator can be adjusted according to the height of the child to adapt to the child’s own situation.
  • The body frame of the kart simulator CKS Pro adopts the design of the Pro model children’s car, with smooth overall lines.
  • The body decals of the go-kart simulator can be personalized.
  • It allows you to experience karting without designing a track, and can be used in shopping malls for children’s centers, amusement parks and other venues.

Games supported by CKS Pro:

KartKraft、Assetto Corsa、Assetto Corsa Competizione、DiRT Rally 2.0、RaceRoom Racing Experience、F1 2021、Automobilista 2、rFactor 2、iRacing and so on. That means: when you have karting simulator CKS Pro, you can not only use it to play karting games. You can also remove the C5 steering wheel separately and play all the racing games supported by CAMMUS on Steam.

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