CAMMUS C5 bundle for C5 Base and CP5 Pedals

Only the CAMMUS C5 direct drive steering wheel with T-bracket and CP5 pedals, CAMMUS C5 bundle without the desk clamp. If you wanna use the desk support, pls add desk clamp too.

PrisNOK6 375,00 inkl. mva.
ca 2-3 ukers leveringstid.
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C5 base and CP5 pedals packing list:

Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
C5 C5  Finished product 1
MIX6-base T-bracket Processing according to the drawing (left and right) 2
Hexagon socket head screw M6*12 / 304 black 4
Cooling fan (turbo blower) 6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control, connector XH2.54-3P 1
Fan screw M3*16 , combination screw/cross head black 2
Power Adapter 19V / 7.35A square port (two pins) 1
Power cable 2M 1
Square port USB cable 2M 1
Phillips screwdriver 3*75 cross 1
Allen wrench 4mm 1
MIX6 packing box Processing according to the drawing 1
Logistics box   1
Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
C5-shaft ferrule CP5-0106 4
C5-grooved shaft CP5-0107 2
C5-T type shaft sleeve CP5-0108 4
C5-Travel limit rod CP5-0010 2
C5-Base support plate CP5-0101 1
C5-Palm rest CP5-0102 2
C5-Pedal base CP5-0103 2
C5-Pedal Palm CP5-0104 2
C5-Magnet patch CP5-0105 2
C5-PCB shell CP5-0111 1
C5-torsion spring CP5-0012 2
Countersunk head bolt M4*10 4
Countersunk head bolt M3*6 8
Countersunk head tapping screw M3*10 4
Combination bolt M3*6 4
Kimi Bolt M3*3 4
Spring pin 6*45(diameter*length) 2
Retaining ring M6 8
Thin nut M6-3mm (thickness) 2
Double pass hexagonal copper column M3*8 4
Rubber sleeve M4 4
Non-slip rubber mat 4.3mm thick, 40 wide 2
Light guide post LDT3.0*4.5mm 1
Cylindrical magnet 4*4(diameter*height) 2
manual CP5 pedal 1
Square print line USB square port printing line 2M 1
Packing box   1

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