[ACPE-BP] Simucube Baseplate

This is the ultimate Baseplate for Simucube Active Pedals.

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The Simucube Baseplate is the perfect solution for those who want a seamless experience when mounting the Simucube ActivePedal and other third-party pedals. Warranty 5 years.


-Weight: 4.2kg
-Width: 391 mm
-Height: 65 mm
-Length: 566 mm
-Heel adjustable vertically: 25 mm

Rig Compatibility:
The Simucube Baseplate is compatible with aluminum profile rigs where profile or pedal position can be adjusted lengthwise. For example:

-Treq Racing rigs
-Simlab P1X
-Trak Racer rigs
-Next Level Racing Elite rigs

It is possible to install the Simucube Baseplate using Sparco sliding rails when the width of the bolt distribution of the rails is 340 mm.

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