Simucube 2 Sport

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Enter the adrenaline pumping Direct Drive Force Feedback High-end Sim Racing experience club. Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and Simucube 2 benefits. Simucube 2 Sport wheel base delivers serious amounts of juice to bring up adrenaline-filled sweat to the skins of the drivers. Sport has comparable responsiveness and performance of the top-end models of world-famous Simucube 1.

Package includes: Simucube 2 Sport wheel base, power supply, cables, EU-power cable, standard external Stop button

Does not include: Wheelside SQR


  • Max torque: 17 Nm
  • Wireless Wheel™ support: Yes
  • Simucube Quick Release™ : Yes
  • Torque reconstruction processing: Yes
  • Static force reduction¹ : Yes
  • Damping, inertia and friction filters: Yes
  • Ultra low latency mode² : Yes
  • Adjustable torque slew rate limit³ : No (Pro/Ultimate: Yes)
  • Non-linear force saturation⁴ : No (Pro/Ultimate: Yes)
  • Super Fine tuning filters⁵ : No (Ultimate: Yes)
¹ Allows reducing the static torque needed to turn the wheel on heavy cars while still passing thru fine force details
² Minimizes FFB delay, resulting in better responsiveness
³ Reduces the sharpness of the kick in high torque spikes
⁴ Reduces peak torque in non-linear way
⁵ Allows fine adjustment of detailed filter parameters


  • Max torque slew rate: 4.8 Nm/ms
  • Angle sensor resolution: 22 bit
  • Power supply: 280 W
  • Size: 130 x 130 x 250 mm
  • Fixing holes: 4 x M8, threaded
  • Flange bolt pattern Ø: 145 mm
  • Flange centering Ø: 110 mm
  • Warranty: 24 months


  • Simucube 2 Direct Drive motor
  • Simucube Quick Release™ – motor side unit
  • 50.8 mm – 70 mm wheel adapter
  • Power unit(s*) with euro electrical outlet**
    • *Simucube 2 Pro has 2 power units
    • **Euro utility cable(s) are separately in the package and can be replaced with a cable that fits local utility socket
  • USB cable for PC connection
  • Quick start guide

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