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The all new TREQ FORMULA! Get the F1 style seating position with the rigidity of aluminum extrusion.

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Our latest and hottest rig to date! The all new TREQ FORMULA. Build mostly from 80/20 aluminum profiles, this formula style rig delivers you the F1 seating position while giving you the strength and stiffness you need from a rig. The rig is designed to go hand in hand with our Formula Seat, but with additional Seat Brackets you can also mount a GT style seat.


Just like the ONE and the ACE, the TREQ FORMULA features the incredibly stiff pedal deck which can handle practically every pedal on todays market. Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec or Heusinkveld: you’re good to go!

The newly designed wheel deck is perfectly capable of handling the high torque of direct drive wheels. The drill pattern on this powder coated aluminum plate is compatible with the following wheels:
Logitech: G25, G27, G29, G920, G923
Thrustmaster: T150, T300, T500, TX, TMX, TS-XW
 DD1, DD2, CSL DD, CSW v1, v2 and v2.5, Elite, CSL DD GT Pro
AccuForce: V1, V2


Both the wheel and pedal deck are designed in such a way that they provide high adjustability, without loosing any strength. Critical parts have all gone through multiple FEM-analyses before being tested in real life. The TREQ FORMULA can be adjusted to fit any person, from any length. If you’re 150 or 210 cm, the rig can be set up so anyone can comfortably reach their wheel and pedals.

Manuals here: Manuals - TREQ (

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